Sunday, October 28, 2012

My Seattle photos

I had a great time in Seattle.  However, it rained during my entire stay so it was nice to come back to 78 degree, sunny weather.  The food was definitely the highlight, and I will probably write an in depth article about it for Crasstalk.

This was a Filipino breakfast at Ludi's.  The sausages are longanisas.  Underneath is garlic fried rice.

Tom's Big Breakfast at Lola's, an upscale diner/bistro.  It comes with octopus, squash, onions, bacon, cabbage, and a tangy harissa yogurt.

German bratwurst at Uli's Famous Sausage.  This will take your breath away.

This huge statue of Lenin was salvaged from Slovakia and shipped to the Fremont District of Seattle.  Fremont doesn't get many tourists but has lots of eateries, funky shops, and fun people.  The Cuban roast pork sandwich at Paseo may be the best sandwich I have ever had.

That's a bona fide 1950s Cold War era rocket.

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