Monday, October 01, 2012

The effect of re-electing Hugo Chavez

Holy cow, Venezuela gives more in aide to Latin America than the EU and US combined.


Chris Morgan said...

Maxichamp said...

@Chris: Thanks for the article. Not even the New York Times would write as complimentary of an article as this article. The U.S. demonizes Chavez. He is no angel, but he's no devil either.

Viva Chile! said...

Democracy is not just elections. Venezuela is not a free country. My cable company has both Telesur, the Chavez-financed "news" channel, and Globovisión, a Venezuelan opposition channel.

Globovisión is forced to freely air Government propaganda on every commercial break. "Socialism is good living".

The President is often violent and very agresive against opposition, often mocking them, while making his statements mandatory for private broadcasters to air.

Venezuela's State TV might have 8% of the audience, but all the other channels are alligned to Chavez, save for Globovisión, which is cable-only.

Remember RCTV (the oldest Venezuelan TV channel) that opposed the Government, was refused the renewal its broadcast license by them.

Oil money is wasted on foreign countries and to buy the votes of the poor at home. Statizing the economy has been unfair and led to inflation, less production and electricity shortages.

Funding foreign countries just to sustain their leftist governments isn't anything to praise either. Maintaining the dictatorship of the Castro dinasty is

Using PDVSA to give away food and services to the poorest is not a way of development, but the road to Venezuelan's serfdom.

Chávez is a devil that undermines any chance of real and lasting democracy, and more important, of economic development, for his country.

The author of that Guardian's article cites documents of "CERP"... which was founded by himself, btw.