Saturday, October 13, 2012

Who is the world's most interesting man?

It's not the Dos Equis guy.  It's Pan-European, the Canadian moderator of VW Vortex's Phaeton forum.  Not only does he have a W12 Phaeton, but he is also an aviator.  Earlier this year, he had to deliver a DHC-6 Twin Otter to Papua New Guinea.  But the fuel tank isn't big enough for a trans-oceanic flight, you say.  Well, he did it by hopping from Victoria, British Columbia, to Alaska, across the Bering Strait, to Anadyr, to Magadan, to Vladivostok, to North Korea, to South Korea, to Taiwan, to the Philippines, to Darwin, to Cairns, and then to Port Moresby.

So far, in 2012,

  • he has flown 80,000 miles delivering planes,
  • he has flown 110,000 miles as a passenger with commercial airlines, and 
  • he has driven all of 215 miles in his Phaeton.


Edvin said...

Wow, that really says it all about W12 maintenance costs. :)

Peter said...

Would he still be interesting if he were agoraphobic?