Sunday, October 07, 2012

Thoughts on Kamui's first podium


I am so disappointed...that I was not in Japan to witness this in person.  For most of this year, I was under the assumption that I would be at Suzuka with my father and my slot car loving (and F1 grid girl marrying) cousin.  But the stars did not align and I was stuck in California.  So disappointed.

This is a great achievement for Kobayashi.  I don't know a single F1 fan who doesn't root for him.  He's nice off the track but is a monster on it.  With his teammate grabbing all the headlines (for the right reasons), this podium will mean a lot to Kamui, especially since he won it at home.  His country must be proud.

I'm willing to bet 100 RMB that in retaliation, the People's Republic of China is hunting down five year olds in rural Shaanxi Province to develop the next Chinese F1 driver.  Amirite?

That Vettel and Massa are on top also make a great story.  Who could have thought that Vettel would be a triple world champion just a few short months ago?  And Massa, without Perez breathing down his neck for his seat, may actually end up driving for Ferrari next season.

Plus, did you notice that all three drivers on the podium drove/drives for Sauber?

List of Japanese F1 drivers with podium finishes:
Kamui Kobayashi (3rd in 2012)
Takuma Sato (3rd in 2004)
Aguri Suzuki (3rd in 1990)

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