Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Phaeton rabbit hole-- Spotted!

My front passenger side window has a small problem.  It will roll up, but not quite all the way.  You can't really see the gap, but at highway speeds, you can hear the wind coming through.  I've "fixed" the issue by manually pushing the window up by putting my left hand on the interior part of the window and my right hand on the exterior.

I will be bringing it into a dealer for service.  I've never used these guys before.  I've also contacted my extended warranty/service contract provider, whom I've never used before.  They will cover all parts and up to $70/hour for labor.  The dealer charges $152/hour.

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Lukas said...

And so it begins.....

Is the dealer expensive or the warranty place out of touch with reality / expecting you to drive a crown vic?

Interesting fact #1: on the w116, the whole inner door skin flexes when the power window hits the top. Snapped power window motor mounting plates are also common.

Interesting fact #2: some of the current Mercs (and most likely other brands too) have little gas cylinders in the doors. These release when a crash is detected, pressurizing the door cavity (which is sealed) as a kind of airbag.

Maxichamp said...

@Lukas: Dealer is expensive and the warranty place is out of touch with San Francisco Bay Area labor costs. They recommended a place where they would cover all labor costs but it's a petrol station(!) in an iffy part of Oakland.