Thursday, November 03, 2011

Herman Cain supporter's car

Forget the 9-9-9 plan, or the 999* women who have accused Herman Cain of sexually harassing them in the past.  Just look at this hot mess.

The picture is from The Atlantic, which describes this car as a "retro convertible, complete with Indy-style front wheels".  Um, it's just a Plymouth Prowler.  Seriously, every credible news outlet needs at least one car aficionado on staff to correctly identify vehicles.



Nigel said...

I've always liked the Prowler....until now. This guy totally ruined it for me.

Alan said...

Look at his tie, look at his car - surely he's some kind of proto-hipster only "supporting" Cain as some kind of ironic statement.

And WTF are "Indy-style" front wheels?