Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Don't know how to close my hood

Holy sh*t.

Before today, I've been able to close my hood 3-4 times due purely to dumb luck.  The Phaeton is truly complicated.  A simple drop does not close the hood.  Rather, there is a black plastic tab with a mysterious red arrow on it.  I have to do something to it to close the hood.  I've tried closing it 10+ times tonight with zero success.  Thank goodness I don't have an appointment to get to tomorrow morning.

I'll post the complicated solution, once I figure it out.

Crisis averted: Despite instructions to the contrary in the owner's manual, I was able to shut it by dropping it from about 18".


mtc said...

overengineering :(

Maxichamp said...

@mtc: Or just bone-headedness (on my part).

Edvin said...

If it's like most VW's then that lever should retract once you've pulled it to open the hood. Sounds like the lock is just a bit sticky. You've probably tried pushing the lever back in manually and then dropping the hood from a normal height?

Alan said...

What a hilarious/lovely problem to have.

I wish I had a Phaeton to confuse me.