Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Open thread experiment

No content today.  Feel free to discuss whatever you like in the comments section.  Good day.


Alan said...

Saw the new Range Rover Evoque production model at the L.A. Auto Show yesterday. It's nice if transverse-engined soft-roaders float your boat, but absurdly expensive.

The spec sheet wisely only listed the base price of $42,000. Not cheap but not terribly expensive, either. When you added up the options, however, the total came to $76,000. That's base 911 money.

There was an adjacent Range Rover Sport Signature edition (high-spec, think MB Designo) with total MSRP about $2,000 less. Insanity.

Peter Secor said...

I wonder how your Phaeton and an A8 of the same vintage compare in terms of road noise suppression.

Maxichamp said...

@Alan: How did the Evoque look in person? James May liked it. What kind of mileage does it get?

@Peter: Don't know as I've never been in an A8. The Phaeton is significantly quieter than an S-class of the same vintage. It's a bit quieter than a Lexus LS as well.

Alan said...

It looks great, the interior is lovely. EPA rates it at 28 MPG highway, so real-world I'm guessing that means about 24 mixed.

I sat in the back of an A8L and it was unbelievably comfortable. The headrests in particular were supreme.