Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday round-up

In 2000, we had Bush v. Gore.  Let's hope in 2011, we don't have F1O v. Ozmac fighting over who has the rights to a used water bottle full of tire debris.

First, thanks guys for supporting me on the 100 Follower goal.  In the last 24 hours, we got eight more followers.  Now I've really got to get serious about getting those prizes together.  As we get close to the mark, I will be posting the specific rules-- how I will select the winners, how I will announce them, how to collect the prizes, etc.  I assure you that there will be no hanging chads and we will not have a repeat of the 2000 Florida election!

Second, here is a video from Stipistop.  It's a Papua New Guinea man, confronting an escalator for the first time in his life.

Finally, I stumbled upon this site.  It's sort of like Tamerlane's Thoughts, but based in the United Arab Emirates.  The blogger goes to car museums and shows and takes pictures of random parked cars, like this Lotus Excel.  

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