Sunday, May 22, 2011

Carspotting: Honda Civic electric

This little Honda was parked next to my medium-sized Honda yesterday at the GM Main Street In Motion event.  I wanted to show how tiny it was compared to modern cars.  But I was in for a shocker.  (Pun intended.)

The Civic was probably pretty low to start with, but those batteries in the back may have decreased the ground clearance even more.  This is an electric conversion!

The owner plugged up the fuel tank.

As I was snooping around the car, the owner walked up.  He was more than happy to show me the car's innards.  This is the "engine compartment".

He also let me inside to take pictures of the dash.  My mom had a yellow four-door version of this car in Taiwan.  I still remember her license plate number: 11-9129.  At some point, an upstart industrialist bought it from her, and promptly hired a chauffeur to drive him around in it.  I wonder what the guy is up to now.  Maybe he owns Foxxconn.

The plan was to have 16 batteries behind the front seats.  But there are only about 10 to 12 installed, for now.

Looking at the cluster gauge of one of these Civics (and sitting in one) after all these years really brought back some fond memories.

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