Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mitla Cafe, the inspiration for Taco Bell

I currently subscribe to five podcasts*, and one of them is Latino USA. It's a weekly NPR show hosted by Maria Hinojosa. On a recent episode, I learned that this old Mexican restaurant in San Bernardino along Route 66 was the inspiration for the Taco Bell chain.

*The other four are WTF, Car Talk, Fresh Air, and BBC Chequered Flag F1.

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Ed Kim said...

You do find the neatest things on the interwebs! That piece about Chilean pop music was fascinating. I did know that Chilean pop music was becoming a thing now, but I never thought of it in the context of Pinochet's policies. Brutal older friend of mine from Brazil experienced Allende's overthrow and the mass executions that followed firsthand as he happened to be in Santiago when all that went down. I'll save the story for another time, but his story was shocking and chilling all at once. It ended with him carrying his executed best friend's body back to Brazil on a commercial flight in the seat next to him.

By the way, the piece on Chilean pop music briefly references Javiera Mena. Check her out...she's pretty awesome and her latest album is a total playthrough. The title track in particular, Otra Era, is such a pretty and catchy song. The album's on Spotify.