Saturday, July 18, 2015

Dru Down's Mack of the Year

1. A couple of days ago, I was scanning for radio stations in my car when I came upon this song on an old school R&B station (I think they followed this with a Bell Biv Devoe song).

2. They played this song all the time in the mid-90s. I really liked it. I don't remember hearing it once since.

3. I was having quite the week, so I thought the song applied to me.

4. I did not realize the official title was "Pimp of the Year".

5. I did not realize Dru Down was an Oaklander.

6. The song is better than the video.

1 comment:

Ed Kim said...

WOW. I have a 90s hip hop playlist that I've curated on Spotify and this song is conspicuous by its absence. I totally forgot about this song too until just now! I will be adding it immediately. :)