Sunday, July 12, 2015

Our family restaurant in Yokohama

The trip to Japan is about two months away. I haven't been there since 2004, when I brought my steady (now wife of 10 years) to meet my father.

My father's parents opened this restaurant in Yokohama Chinatown in the 1930s. My cousin now runs it. When I visited during summers as a kid, I would get either the pork chop fried rice or the pork chop noodle soup. Pork chops were either the restaurant's specialty or they just had a surplus of them, because that's all they would serve me.

Thanks to Google Maps, you can visit the inside of the restaurant. That's my diminutive aunt behind the cash register. The downstairs has the Western style seating. You can use Google Maps to go upstairs. There, you have tatami seating. I never went up there because that's where the loud salarymen banquets and hard-core boozing went on. Interesting fact: In the 1940s, my family lived upstairs and my father was actually born there.

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