Sunday, July 26, 2015

2015 New Zealand Nissan line-up

The Holden line-up got some insightful comments, so let's try New Zealand's Nissans. I have put in parenthesis what the U.S. version is called.

Micra (We don't have it):

Leaf (Leaf (By the way, used Leafs have cratered in value for some reason in California)):

Pulsar Sedan and Hatch (They're sort of related to the Versa, right, Charlie?):

Altima (Same):

370Z (Same):

GT-R (Same):

Juke (Same):

Qashqai (Rogue?):

X-Trail (Wait, is this the Rogue?):

Pathfinder (Pathfinder):

Patrol (Infiniti QX56):

MP300 Navarra (Not quite a Frontier):


Charles Lee said...

Micra: Sold in Canada and commented on extensively by TTAC so I won't get into it. Much less ugly than the previous generation.
Leaf: Nissan initially wanted NZ$75,000 for this ugly duckling. It's now priced at NZ$40,000, and I would have bought one were it not so ugly.
Pulsar: I have to break this down into sedan and hatchback. The Pulsar sedan is *not* the same as the Versa sedan in NA. The latter was briefly sold as Almera in Australasia and did very poorly. Instead, it is essentially the same car as the Sentra in the US. It may even be made in the US, but I haven't looked into that. The Pulsar hatchback is the same as the Tiida (sold exclusively in Asia--very popular in China), and it actually used to be called Tiida in Australasia. Nissan marketing decided that they wanted to capitalize on the well-regarded Pulsar name with the new generation, but they really soiled the SSS name (which is why Pulsar was well-regarded in the first place) by making it simply a trim level, instead of the performance hot hatch that it once represented.
X-Trail and Qashqai: X-Trail is the Rogue and is made in the same factory in TN even. Qashqai is based on the same platform but made in the UK. I think Nissan USA is thinking about introducing Qashqai to the US. Personally I think the Qashqai is better looking and better made, but both drive like the soulless crossovers that they are.
Pathfinder: Made in TN (USA! USA! USA!).
NP300 Navara: This is actually the successor to the Frontier that is not coming to the US. I remember reading some tirade about this on TTAC as well.

Overall, Nissan New Zealand (and Australia) source the mainstream models from Thailand and the US. Some models are sourced from Japan because, well, they are only made in Japan. As far as I know, the only exception to this is the Qashqai (made in the UK). UK-made Nissans are highly regarded in New Zealand for a variety of reasons. Toyota has almost the same sourcing strategy here. In recent years, the number of models sourced from the US has increased, which is partly reflective of the improved fuel economy of US models, I think.

Lukas said...

Does NZ not get the Dualis, Murano, Maxima or Cube?

Lukas said...

PS: is the Maxima the same as the Altima?

Thanks for clearing up the Almera / Pulsar thing Charles.

Charles Lee said...

Dualis = JDM Qashqai. Nissan deliberately chose the UKDM name to both indicate origin and to differentiate from used imports.
Murano used to be available but has been dropped due to slow sales.
Nissan used to sell JDM Teana as Maxima, but since JDM Teana is now a rebadged Altima, Nissan has chosen to forgo the Maxima name. We do not have USDM Maxima in Australasia, which is not a surprise since full-size sedans are about as popular as being punched in the mouth right now.
The Cube is (thankfully) only available as used imports. Same thing goes for the Note.

Ripituc said...

Looks pretty much like the lineup in Chile. That Pulsar seems to be the same as the Sentra. We don't have the Pulsar hatch, but do still get the old Tiida and the current Versa (both are different generations of the same car). Also here we have the Murano and the Note.

Ed Kim said...

I can tell you exactly why Leaf values have plummeted in California. There are tons of Leafs (Leaves?) coming off lease now, and because of the massive tax credits on them ($7500 federal and $2500 from California) when they were new, their used values are next to nothing because they were all sold/leased at effectively a $10,000 discount from MSRP, even before doing your own price negotiations with the dealer.

That of course killed the resale value relative to MSRP, and because of all the used ones coming off lease right now AND because new ones are still getting those tax credits, used ones are worth practically nothing!