Saturday, July 25, 2015

2015 Holden line-up

Can you tell that I have the day off and am reclaiming my old role as a couch potato? Here is the current line-up with explanations as to what the heck the models are (in American English).

Barina Spark (Chevy Spark):

Barina (Chevy Aveo):

Cruze (Chevy Cruze, although the Australians not only have the sedan, but also a hatchback and a wagon):

Astra (Nothing like it here in the States, but I think it should be a Cavalier/Cobalt):

Malibu (Chevy Malibu):

Cascada (There's a Buick Cascada?!):

Insignia (Buick Regal):

Commodore (Chevy SS):

Caprice (Chevy Caprice): 

Trax (Crossover based on Aveo/Sonic):

Captiva 5 (Chevy Captiva Sport, a discontinued rental car):

Captiva 7 (Nothing like it here):

Colorado 7 (Nothing like it here, with suggestions that this would be a Chevy TrailBlazer):

Ute (Nothing like it here):

Colorado (GMC Canyon):

Any and all corrections/amendments/provisos are welcome.


Charles Lee said...

A few additional notes:

Astra: Think of it as a souped-up Buick Verano hatchback. Not sold in New Zealand so can't comment on it virtues (or the lack thereof)
Cruze: There is talk of bringing the hatchback to the US, but it's not a particularly good looking car in person. The wagon, as far as I can tell, is bought exclusively by commercial fleets for salespeople.
Trax: It's essentially the same thing as the Buick Encore and is in fact available in the US ( Why anyone buys this instead of the Ford Ecosport or the Mazda CX-3 is beyond me.
Captiva 5: Awful, awful car. Between this and the Dodge Journey at a rental lot, I may actually pick the Dodge.
Captiva 7: Essentially a Captiva 5 with 2 extra seats but with enough differences to make it quantifiably better. I would pick this over the Dodge Journey if there is no Ford Territory or Hyundai Santa Fe available.
Colorado 7: This is indeed sold as a Chevy TrailBlazer is a number of markets, but it is considerably less refined than the Chevy Traverse, and it's not just because it's truck-based. Even a Holden salesman couldn't defend the fact that Holden initially wanted to charge over NZ$65,000 for this heap (it's now sold at just under NZ$50,000)--this is based on actual events, not a rhetorical statement.

Charles Lee said...

Okay just learned that Captiva 5 was also sold as Saturn Vue, so it wasn't just a rental car special (I wonder if its awfulness accelerated Saturn's demise). Also learned that the 3.5L V6 in 1st gen. Vue was from Honda. #mindblown

Also, the previous generation of Astra was sold by Saturn. I can personally verify that 4th gen. Astra are terrible cars (as were all previous generations in fact).

Anonymous said...

From an european point of view it's kinda weird to see mixed chevrolets (former daewoo) with opels with a sprinkle of (probably) american models.

Anonymous said...

Also interesting to see that they decided not to include smallest "lifestyle city cars" from opels lineup like opel adam and opel carl :)

Sanchez said...

Surprised not to see Orlando here (compact van) and Commodores (already disconitinued?).

Thy assemble Cruze in three body variants in KZ together with Aveo, Malibu, Orlando, Trax (Tracker here) and bigger Captiva.

Colorado is in fact TrailBlazer in Russia.

GM line up around the world is a mess. The same car could be offered as Chevrolet, Opel, Vauxhall, Holden, Daewoo, Buick and probably some other name in different countries.

F1Outsider said...

We had the Astra here for a short while. As a Saturn, I think.

Lukas said...

The Commodore is in the list - it still exists for another year or so.

The Astra is from Opel at the moment - it was not available for a while due to Opel's brief appearance in Aus in 2011-ish (during which time they sold it themselves).

The Barina has previously been an Opel Corsa, and before that a Suzuki Swift!

Captiva is known as the Craptiva, although I've met both happy and unhappy owners.

I had no idea the Malibu was still for sale - never see them around. Insignia and Cascada - no idea they were sold as Holdens at all.