Sunday, July 26, 2015

Next car: Jeep Renegade?

Shockingly, the Mrs is getting tired of driving a base 2004 Civic with crank windows. It has run without a hiccup since new and I have only had it serviced at the dealer (I know, what a dope).

Anyway, she mentioned the Jeep Renegade today. First, I knew it was based on the big Fiat, but I didn't realize it was made in Italy. Second, despite living in the Bay Area since 1992, I don't know where my local Jeep dealer is.


Ripituc said...

Civic for a Renegade. Seems like everybody is moving into CUVs. My mom has a Mazda 3 but is thinking about replacing it with a CX-5.

MattC said...

While I like the Renegade very much, I would caution to wait a year or two before buying if you opt for the 9 speed automatic. I believe ZF makes the transmission. There have been repeated reports of software hiccups in this transmission in various Fiat/Chrysler models causing erratic shifting and even sometimes coming out of gear and stalling(ironic considering that the ZF 8 speed is considered the benchmark for smooth robust modern automatics). Apparently Chrysler and ZF are well aware of the problem and have issued software updates but haven't really figured out what the real problem is (the good news is that it apparently isn't mechanical rather a software glitch).

If your wife goes for the 6 speed manual than no real issued to report.

Maxichamp said...

@MattC: Funny you should say that. When the wife read a review out loud and said it came with a 9 speed auto, I thought-- that sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.

She's done with manuals, so it'll have to be an auto. Waiting a model year sounds like a good plan.