Thursday, March 20, 2014

5 year anniversary of Oakland police shooting

Friday is going to be a crappy day for a lot of us. Five years ago, a sick man shot and killed four Oakland police officers. One of the four was my buddy Dan. In chronological order, Dan and I were co-workers, friends, fraternity brothers, roommates, and each other's best men at our weddings. I can't believe it's been five years. I remember the evening when I found out about the shooting-- watching a televised news conference in a little room at a Mendocino bed and breakfast. When I heard the PIO say Dan's name, I collapsed onto the floor and screamed.

The thing that gets me is that Dan's life ended at age 35. Thirty-five. We all get caught up in our daily stressors and drama, but be thankful and enjoy every day that you are on this beautiful planet.

The other sad thing is that gun violence, crime, and mental health are still major problems in Oakland and America. Since the Oakland shooting, a U.S. Congresswoman was shot in the head, 20 little kids were killed within the span of a few minutes, and over 100,000 Americans were killed by guns. And yet nothing has changed. Nothing.

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