Saturday, March 22, 2014

Arctic Ocean trip planning almost done!

I need a short vacation and I need to finish my Pan-American journey, so I am booking the Arctic Ocean leg. It will be four days of traveling and a day or two of cushion.

The itinerary:
Day 1: Bus from home to BART train. BART to Oakland Airport. Southwest Air from Oakland to Seattle, Washington. Alaska Air from Seattle to Fairbanks, Alaska. Gather snacks and drinks. Moose dinner. Sleep in motel.

Day 2: 6am van leaves Fairbanks. Arrive in Prudhoe Bay at 10pm. Sleep in $199 per night trailer/motel used by oil workers.

Day 3: Take tour of ARCO oil facilities, dip toes in Arctic Ocean. 11am van leaves Prudhoe Bay. Arrive in Fairbanks at 2am the next morning.

Day 4: Recuperate. More moose for dinner.

Day 5: Fly home.

After this trip, I just need to do a bus stint from Lima, Peru, to Turbo, Colombia, and I will be done!

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