Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Quick review of 9 Bay Area food trucks and Bud Black Crown

A friend invited me to a Golden State Warriors food and wine event last night. There were about two dozen food trucks and about a dozen local wineries in attendance, handing out free food and booze. As I am not a sports fan, I vowed to eat at as many different trucks as I could while my friends gawked at the players and cheerleaders. I'm such a good friend.

1. Seoul on Wheels. Mandoo (dumpling) with kim chee. Lots of flavor, but not overpowering.
2. El Sur. Pollo saltado empanada. Flaky crust, lots of chicken. One of my favorites. The Citroen H van was tiny next to the other food trucks. It was supposed to sell food at Seconds Saturdays last year, but it had mechanical issues.
3. Chairman Bao. The most famous of the food trucks there. I had the Coca-Cola pork bao. It was so-so. Overrated.
4. Old World. Jewish and Eastern European soul food. I got the potato peroghy with a dill-sour cream dipping sauce. Fantastic.
5. Cheese Gone Wild. Beef nachos. Not impressed, especially with the cheese.
6. An the Go. Garlic noodles. Just garlic and starch. Too much of both.
7. Hiyaaa!. Chinese-Korean-Vietnamese. I had the pork on rice. Overcooked both.
8. Senor Sisiq. Filipino pork tacos. A couple of guys in line in front of me at Hiyaaa! raved about them. Pork was overcooked and too smokey.
9. Liba Falafel. Falafel sandwich. The falafel was left in the fryer a bit too long.

I was interested in checking out the Peruvian Sanguchon, but by the time I got there, they had closed/run out of food.

To cap off the evening, I had a couple of sips of Black Crown. I had to toss the rest away. It was not good.


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