Saturday, March 01, 2014

Fear in Ukraine

This picture pretty much sums it up. These are anti-Yanukovych activists in the eastern, pro-Russian Ukrainian city of Kharkiv. Today, they were rounded up by the pro-Russian majority in town, beaten up, and forced to kneel in the town square.

Putin just asked the Duma for approval to send troops to Ukraine, on humanitarian grounds. It was approved unanimously.

Eight of these Il-76s with troops and APCs landed yesterday in Crimea. More are on their way from Russia. I can't believe the Olympics was just a week ago.


Ripituc said...

Holly crap! And where is the UN? NATO? I'm so afraid this might end up being a new Bosnia...

Tarlan said...

I couldn't believe that is actually happening now. It is hard to imagine two nation closer to each other than russian and ukrainian, their language, culture, religion, lifestyle... Now this people going to kill each other. For crazy Putin and gangster Yanukovich. God bless these two nations.

MattC said...

It never surprises me that we tend to have a "pick and choose" style of international affairs. Quite honestly, Ukraine is simply too hot for the US to have a heavy handed approach to Russia's involvement in stopping unrest.There is just no upside to this. Minus some standard rhetoric about violating international law, the US will wait on the sidelines.

Putin has demonstrated time and again, that he plans on unifying and solidifying Russia as a major world power, to the detriment of the surrounding former republics.

This is scary news indeed.