Tuesday, March 25, 2014

VW Fox for sale

Remember these Brazilian-made VWs? They were cheap and they were...cheap. At one point in the late 1980s, they were everywhere. And then, they all disappeared.

Here is one for sale nearby.


Ed Kim said...

There's a mint white two-door that lives about a block away from me!

I actually saw one once where the owner put on the correct Brazilian badging (the sedans were called Voyage there). The wagon was called Parati. The hatchback version, never sold here, was the Gol.

Incidentally, the Gol launched with an air-cooled flat four! Yes, for real. This car, in its early life, sounded like a Beetle despite being front engined and front wheel drive.

Ed Kim said...

Here's a video...note that up to the B-pillar, it's the same as the two-door Fox. But it sure doesn't sound like the Fox we knew!


Darian said...

Overpriced by a factor of 3x. But still, nice.

F1Outsider said...

Here in Brazil they were sold as the Voyage and they were everywhere here in Brazil as well times 4... And even here you don't see them anymore.

Ripituc said...

The term "cognitive dissonance" comes to mind when I see these totally Brazilian Gol-based cars, and the fact that they were popular in the US.

Here is some more info, from Curbside Classics: http://www.curbsideclassic.com/curbside-classics-european/curbside-classic-1987-volkswagen-fox-gol-ly/