Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Academy of Art car museum photo gallery

Ready? Here we go.

Did you know that Cisitalia "raced" in F1? It DNQ'd in 1952 at the Italian GP.

Australian-built Mini Cooper.


Matthew, our guide, offered to open the hood of any car there. We asked him to let us peek under this Autobianchi. Pictures are below.

The attention to detail of this Austin truck is incredible. Coincidentally, after Zach and I left the museum, we saw an Austin truck in Union Square!

V12 Lincoln.

Four Duesenbergs. The pink one is a "replica". It's built on a truck chassis but all of the other parts are originally derived from Duesenbergs.

Here's the Autobianchi.

I forget the make of this car. Zach? It's aluminum bodied and absolutely beautiful. The door hinge is so simple and elegant. About 10 were made and this is the only one remaining. The guy who created the car died when he was 28. It was our guide's favorite car in the collection.

Here is Matthew.

Aston Martin Lagonda.


Huge but understated Daimler with unique New South Wales plate.

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