Saturday, April 23, 2011

2011 Norcal Japanese Car Meet photos

Japanese Nostalgic Car's Event Horizon feature lists a bunch of car shows on the calendar.  We went to one today at Lake Del Valle Park in Livermore.

 This Datsun 1600 pickup truck caught my eye.

There were quite a few RHD models, including this first generation Skyline GT-R.

It never ceases to amaze me how much room engine bays had for people to work on stuff.  This is a first generation Dodge Colt/Mitsubishi Galant/Plymouth Cricket.

 Datsun 710 for sale.  Needs TLC.

 Exquisitely modded 240Z.

 Can you imagine selling a four door wagon that is the size of this Civic today in America?

 Not a Mazda expert, but guessing that's a 1973 RX-2.

 Really diggin' those floor mats.

2nd generation Ken & Mary Skyline GT-R.

 Hats off for keeping the original radio in the car!

Civic A staring at Civic B.

Civic B staring at Civic A.

 Army green Honda CRX and CRX cabrio.

The Honda CRX conversion was done by The R. Straman Company of Costa Mesa, California.  The conversion cost $5,995 and 310 tops were chopped.

This CRX cabriolet is definitely the highlight of the show.


Edvin said...

Love the Mazda and the later Skyline. Wish we had meets like that over here.

MattC said...

Now this is my kind of car show. I just recently came back from Orlando. I missed a classic exotic car show in Celebration by one day. I will keep my eyes (and camera) out for some of the imprompto car shows in my area.

Maxichamp said...

@MattC: You may appreciate this, as a former law enforcement guy. The car show reeked of pot.

MattC said...

@kashgar216: that is too funny.