Saturday, February 26, 2011

February 26 San Francisco Libya protest rally demonstration photos

It didn't snow today in San Francisco, but it was still quite chilly.  Thankfully, the sun was out.  The turnout today was about half the size of the Egypt protest, but this had a much more grassroots feel and was less scripted.  The professional socialist demonstrators did not make an appearance.

Because the protest was held at UN Plaza, I took an obligatory picture of the name of the country that is the subject of the protest (Libya became a UN member in 1977).  I predict for the next protest, I will have to find Saudi Arabia or Algeria's name.  Don't worry about the Homeland Security police car in the background, it's just protecting that federal building.

Multi-tasking demonstrator.  An hour before the Libya protest, there was a protest a block away in solidarity with Wisconsin union members who are in pitched battle against their Republican governor and senate.  This cheesehead is pulling double duty, which is clearly against union rules.  (I kid, I kid.)

The speakers are standing on the bed of a little Toyota pick-up truck at the foot of that Simon Bolivar statue.

Somebody was really busy this week making the pre-Gaddafi Libyan flag.

Looks like San Francisco eccentric Frank Chu is sponsored by Laughing Squid.

I was kind of taken aback when I heard some migrant workers speaking Spanish and waving the Libyan flag.  Then I realized that the United Farm Workers union (of Cesar Chavez fame) was represented.  Here is a union member with an Egyptian flag.  Now that's solidarnosc.

I noticed this after leaving the protest.  Gas has gone up by 40 cents in the last few days.

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