Tuesday, September 28, 2010

John L.'s Ford Falcon XD ute

I was perusing Bolly Blog, an Australian blog about all things Bolwell.  But instead of focusing on the Bolwells, my wandering eyes focused on a white ute in the background.  It turns out to be the author's personal ride, a Ford Falcon XD XF ute.  Having never laid my eyes on a real life ute, whether Holden or Ford, I find them fascinating.


John L said...

It's really an XF, a couple of models later but not a lot different. It's a 1989 model.

curlyg said...

Utes are seen by certain segments of the Australian population as the patriotic national vehicle. They're comfortable and practical if you actually have a use for them (like the owner of the Falcon in your pic), but they're still very popular in the inner city suburbs, usually with huge V8s, gaudy plastic body kits and massive rims with rubber-band tires. And nothing EVER in the tray.

The Bolwell on the other hand - that is an Aussie car that I can truly be proud of! When I was a kid a neighbor had a Nagari convertible kitted out for club racing and it's still one of the most sexy, brutal cars I've ever seen or heard.