Sunday, September 12, 2010

Help me identify this Ferrari(?)

I was watching the Monza race this morning and I kept seeing this red car on the side of the track.  It appears to have two yellow strobe lights on top.  I assume it's a Ferrari.  But what model is it?  Could it be the same 348 in this Senna clip?  And when the heck is F1 going to be broadcast in high definition?

Thanks for your help.


Bjoern Habegger said...

i would say it is a 348. when i was at the f1 race in monza in 2007, it was a 348. i think it is still the same.

Maxichamp said...

Thanks, Bjoern!

Anonymous said...

Maybe this?:


Maxichamp said...

Wow, Etienne, they look very similar.