Sunday, September 12, 2010

Heidfeld to race in Singapore?!

Heidfeld in Singapore in 2010.  Just imagine the BMW logo on his shirt gone and that his scooter is actually an all white F1 car.

Well, that's the rumor.  Apparently, Paella de la Rosa will be booted.  If Nick does return, there will be three ramifications:
1. His streak of never winning an F1 race will most definitely continue, ad infinitum. 
2. My Minichamps 1/43 collection of Heidfeld's cars for the 2010 season will not only encompass Nico Rosberg's Mercedes and the 2009 Toyota, but will also include de la Rosa's Sauber C29 as well (to be released in December 2010).
3. My buddy E and I were supposed to go on a grand tour of Asia (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore) this month.  It was supposed to culminate with us attending the Singapore GP.  E flaked and the trip was canceled.  If Heidfeld actually races in Singapore, I am going to wring E's neck!

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