Saturday, August 21, 2010

Nick Heidfeld Minichamps 2010 collection

Though Nick got a gig testing Pirelli tires for F1, his future as a racer in F1 is still iffy.  My favorite diecast carmaker, Minichamps, neglected to make a model of him this season.  But I've got to get my Heidfeld Minichamps fix so I fudged my rules a little and expanded my collection.

I first started by collecting his Sauber BMW cars.  I then upped the ante by acquiring his 1999 McLaren and 2005 Williams.

So now what?  Well.  He is, after all, testing the Pirelli tires with the 2009 Toyota TF109.  So I got this:

And no, I am not going to paint it white.

Then, I figured: He was the reserve/test driver for Mercedes GP this year.  So I am bidding on this:

Yes, I know that is Nico Rosberg in the car.  But I have been rooting for Nico all season.  And no, I am not going to paint his helmet black.

And there you have it, the complete Nick Heidfeld F1 Minichamps collection.*

*Less his cars from Jordan, Prost, etc.

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