Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Who opposes marijuana legalization Prop 19?

Pot's competition

This November, Californians will vote on Proposition 19, which, if passed, will legalize the recreational use of pot.  So who opposes it?  According to public records, it's:

  • Police officer associations: Cops often use marijuana possession as an easy way of getting suspected criminals off the street when the cops don't have enough evidence to pin more serious charges on them.
  • Correctional officers associations: Less prisoners means less jobs for prison guards.
  • Beer and beverage distributors: More pot use means less drinking.
  • Recyclers: Marijuana does not come in aluminum cans or plastic bottles.
You know who else I bet opposes Prop 19?  Violent Mexican drug cartels.


Edvin said...

Will be interesting to see what happens. Would be a good time to change strategy, since the War on drugs clearly hasn't worked all that well. Might even inspire change abroad.

Maxichamp said...

Unfortunately, I think this year's election in California will have a very low voter turnout. I have barely heard or read anything about the various propositions on the ballot on TV, radio, or the internet.