Thursday, September 16, 2010

Donut King pink Lamborghini Countach

Donut King is a chain of Australian doughnut shops.
Pretty bad ass, for a pink car.

Via Stipistop.


John L said...

When i was a young bloke I had a Pantera GTS road car which I really loved. A doctor in Sydney bought his wife a brand new pink Pantera. That upstaged me I guess. He also bought her a pink helicopter and the Sydney Swans AFL team. He later went broke. He no longer has the wife.

Maxichamp said...

@John: 2 questions:
1. How are the donuts at Donut King?
2. Were the Panteras in Oz right hand drive?

John L said...

1. My guess is pretty awful. I thought Donut King must have been some sort of American franchise. I've seen a number of pink Donut King race cars but I've never seen a Donut King shop. They must be in the Eastern states.
2. Yes they were RHD although there are a few that have been recently imported from California for racing only.