Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cadillac lineup review

I came up with this topic idea while sitting behind a ginornous Escalade in traffic last night.  It seems like the CTS (sedan, wagon, and coupe) is getting all of the coverage, but there are other Cadillac models out there.  Let's look at them, shall we?

SRX: When will this obsession with crossovers end?  The Pacifica was ungainly and ugly and those characteristics have defined every crossover model since.  I just saw a BMW 550i GT on the road and it caused me to throw up a little.  Kids, just say no to crossovers.

Escalade: I knew these rebadged Tahoes were pricey, but over $60,000?  I can't tell which is more ridiculous, the EXT truck or the Hybrid that gets 20 mpg city/20 mpg highway.

DTS: Wow, they still make that?  I guess Cadillac has to stay loyal to its most loyal of customers: octogenarians in Florida, bookies and Goodfellas of New Jersey and Long Island, and successful Midwestern lobbyists.

STS: Remember way back when, when the STS with the Northstar V8 was going to lead GM back from the abyss?  Boy that was a long time ago.  They should re-focus the STS and make it an S-Class and 7 Series beater.

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