Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Carspotting (52): Japanese Engrish Mitsubishi Delica

This is the second Delica I have spotted in the United States.  Unlike the first one I saw, this one is registered in British Columbia, where there are a lot less red tape headaches when it comes to registering a RHD JDM Delica.

I spotted this in the outskirts of Portland, Oregon, and knew from afar that this was no ordinary minivan.

I got closer and noticed a lot of writing over the rear fender.  But I was not able to read the entire tome.

Fortunately, the van eventually stopped at the same rest stop as I did.  The friendly and alternatively lifestyle-leading owner told me that this turbo diesel runs on veggie oil.  The occupants are headed down to Berkeley to see Phish in concert.  Right on!

I was able to get a shot of the Engrish description at the rest stop parking lot. I am reading Roads to Sata, which is about an Englishman who walked the entire length of Japan in the mid-1980s and the book is full of these Engrish-isms.


F1Outsider said...

hmmm that would be well suited for my driving trip to South America... don't know about the bio diesel though.

Maxichamp said...

F1O: What's up with your countrymen getting screwed over by pompous Ferrari/ex-Ferrari drivers during the last two races?

F1Outsider said...

At least Barrichello kept his foot down and showed Schumacher which one ranks higher in the F1 sandbox hierarchy.

Massa on the other hand, when he finally learns that true champions could give a flying fuck for the team, it'll be too late. He should have a serious chat with Barrichello.

I'm rooting for Webber!

John L said...

Me too!

Maxichamp said...

I just watched the Hungary GP. Vettel has so much potential but he's not there mentally.