Sunday, August 15, 2010

2010 Concours d'LeMons' photos

I went to the second annual Concours d'Lemons yesterday.  It felt like there were the same number of cars as the first year, but there was definitely more energy and the cars were more lemon-y (in a good way).  My only complaint-- we need more food vendor choices please.  Without further ado, here are my favorite cars:

We must start with a Renault Le Car, of course.  I wish the $2,800 example I found on Craigslist recently was in this condition.

This Citroen Ami 8 Break was in better-than-new condition.

Here is a rougher rear-engined Renault 1100.

This Flxible bus was a pleasant surprise.

Reliant Robin.

Reliant Robin fiberglass.

Citroen Mehari.

Trabant.  License plate reads "WAL GONE".

1948 David Divan.  Notice rare four door VW van truck in the background.

Chrysler minivan prototype: The mother of all minivans.


4rd45 said...

Probably Renault Espace is mother and father of all minivans. Not silly Chrysler ;)

Maxichamp said...

@4rd45: How about the mother of all American minivans then?

AutoPuzzles Blogger said...

That's not a Chrysler minivan of any type, in spite of the sign the exhibitor placed next to it. That's the Ghia / Ford Mini Max concept, from 1983. It was built by Ghia (a Ford subsidiary at that time) for Ford of Europe.