Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Carspotting (53): Saab 96

Well, I've ended my stay at time warp bizzaro town, a.k.a. Port Townsend, Washington.  Over the next few days, I will post more pictures and observations from my trip, which include, among other things, more fantastic cars; car books I bought; the Hoh Rain Forest; Forks, Washington (home of the Twilight series); and the Space Needle.

My hiatus from my hiatus will end next week, as I will visit the Mullin Museum down in Oxnard and then go to Monterey/Salinas for Automobilia, Concorso Italiano, Concours de Lemons, and the Monterey Historics.  So stay tuned.

I never saw the LaForza again.  But this yellow Saab screamed out to me outside a Port Townsend bank.  Of note are the beer keg in the front seat and the Saab repair manual behind the back seat speakers.


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