Sunday, August 15, 2010

2010 Laguna Seca Monterey Historics paddock photos

You've seen the parking lot photos.  Here is a look at the inside.  On other sites, you'll find plenty of photos of cars on track and the featured marque this year, Bugatti.  I've put together a collection of odd cars that may have been neglected by mainstream coverage.

This BMW Isetta was deemed BMW Motorsport's mascot.

These Austin Mini Clubman/Travelers were parked next to all the Lotuses (Loti?).

This was Bruce McLaren's Cooper T62.


BMW 2002, right?

No!  It's an 1800.

A GMC Motorhome with Lotus livery.

A couple of 300SL Gullwings.

Nissan GTP ZX-Turbo dash wires.

Epifani Restorations truck.

Ford Mustang GT350H Hertz rental car.

Mini Moke.

Not sure if this is an Alfa Romeo van.

This Riley Elf (Mini with a boot) caused me to do a double take.

BMC technical support vehicle.

Edelbrock truck.

Carroll Shelby autograph on Cobra hood.

I came to Laguna Seca this year to see this, my friend's dad's 1965 Sunbeam Tiger.

Unfortunately, the teeth in the rear differential decided to catastrophically fail on Friday the 13th.  To make matters worse, the driver hired to drive the white Tiger in the background (photo above this one), John Morton, crashed a 1958 Scarab yesterday.  John is okay.  The Scarab, not so much.

Here are the two Tigers on a healthier, and luckier, day.  Turn up the sound!


longrooffan said...

Another excellent post! Thanks for sharing the offbeat stuff with us once again.

Rich said...

Sorry to miss you this weekend. Here's something from The Quail that made my head asplode: Chevrolet Corvair by Pininfarina!