Friday, December 11, 2009

Volga Siber=Chrysler Sebring?!

The Chrysler Sebring is not a great car. For whatever reason, the Russians didn't get the memo and bought the rights (and factory) to the Sebring and started building it in the old GAZ facility in Nizhny Novgorod.

The only changes GAZ made include:
  • re-named to Volga Siber,
  • new headlamps with headlamp washer,
  • Audi-esque grill,
  • better rustproofing, and
  • more robust suspension and higher ground clearance for rougher Russian roads.
Fortunately, the Russian consumer was savvy enough not to buy into this scheme. The factory is capable of churning out 150,000 Sibers a year. In its first 12 months, only 2,439 were produced.

Here is the presentation video for the Siber. At first, I laughed out loud, especially when they started playing the theme from Dallas. But then, after seeing all those poor workers, I felt really, really depressed.

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