Thursday, December 17, 2009

1992 Honda Acura NSX For Sale Video

Prepare to waste hours of precious holiday time in front of your computer.

I'm working on a super-post on the VW Phaeton, which I deemed the best sedan of the decade. I'm scrolling through the VW Vortex Phaeton forum. I've watched reviews of the car by Russian journalists. I'm even going to drive a couple of them (both V8 versions), hopefully this weekend.

During the process, I came across Chicago Cars Direct's channel on Youtube. A guy named Chris goes over his inventory of used exotic cars. Each ten minute video covers one car and he's got a huge library posted. The videos' level of detail, from the interiors to the test drives, is commendable. Granted, he's a used car salesman and he's selling the cars. But the videos are still definitely worth watching. Here is an example.

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