Thursday, December 10, 2009

Endangered Car List

1984 Isuzu "Rarer Than A Ferrari" Impulse SE, taken in 2006. Mine had the same charcoal gray paint and gold rims (it was a Special Edition, after all). Unlike the one pictured, mine had a leaky aftermarket sunroof.

Hagerty provides classic car insurance and created a few interesting lists for us to ponder. It started with a list of mass produced cars (any car model built in numbers greater than 10,000). It then culled through its customer database for those cars. It then created three lists:
  • "Threatened": Hagerty currently insures fewer than 25 of those cars.
  • "Endangered": Less than 15.
  • "Extinct": No examples insured.
My first car, a 1984 Isuzu Impulse SE, was on the extinct list.

Here is the article.

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