Sunday, December 13, 2009

Silvio Berlusconi's Car: Lancia Thesis

Some bozo punched the Italian PM in the face today and broke his nose. Berlusconi made his getaway to the hospital in an Audi A8, which is not his official car. Instead, it's the Lancia Thesis (which is also the official head of state ride for San Marino). Here is a very Italian promo for Lancia's Q-ship, with German subtitles:


Dolphin Hater said...

Gorgeous car... Love the tail lamps. Although all the gold liquids is making me think of probably stuff Spitzer and Tiger got off on.

Edvin said...

I'm sorta surprised that he still rides around in that old thing. I guess it's among the most luxurious things the "normal" Italian auto industry has to offer. A Maserati or Ferrari would be too pompous for any other head of state, but from Berlusconi I'd expect just that.

Maxichamp said...

You're right, Edvin. During Berlusconi's first term, his car was a Quattroporte. But his replacement used the Thesis as the official car.

I think the only reason he is still in the hospital right now is because he is so vain, he doesn't want the public to see him with a broken nose and a couple of broken teeth. He's probably begging the oral surgeon and plastic surgeon to fix him as soon as possible, even before the swelling goes down. He'll probably stay in the hospital for another 10 days. What a leader.