Thursday, December 10, 2009

Autozam Mazda AZ-1 Gullwing

I created a list of gullwinged cars recently and the AZ-1 intrigued me. Here is a clip from Motorweek about the car, presented by Lisa Barrow.

As an aside, Motorweek always has a token female report on spy shots and concept cars. Ms. Barrow, in my humble opinion, was the only competent person to fulfill this role in the last 15 to 20 years. She's marketing for Chrysler now.

These photos are from Product Design Database, which has a treasure's chest full of 80s Japanese print ads from cars to cameras.


Alan said...

One of my very favorite cars on ever made, up their with Molsheim-era Bugattis, pre-war Alfas, Opron Citroens etcetera.

One day I'll import one through Canada.

Unknown said...

hey there Alan, I own an AZ-1 of my own, and I live in Canada, I definitely recommend you to import one. They are fantastic!

Alan said...

I realize this is belated, but could you tell us more about it, Sean?