Thursday, December 10, 2009

10 Vehicles From Cars And Trucks And Things That Go

This week, Jalopnik came up with a list of car-related gifts for children. A thread from that post centered on the book Cars And Trucks And Things That Go. For years, I couldn't think of the title of this book. I just remembered it as the book with the animals driving. When I finally got the title, I went out and bought myself an early Xmas present. Here are my ten favorite vehicles from the book.

Pig soldiers in a half-track soldier carrier

Corn picker

School mini-bus: Before I drew Lamborghini Countachs as a kid, I drew this bus

Three tow trucks

Rainbow bus: Next stop, fabulous San Francisco

Alligator car

Shoe delivery car

Garbage truck

Citroen DS ambulance

5-seater pencil car

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Alan said...

This was my very favorite book as a child, and I've been trying to remember the name for years - thank you! A fun game I used to play with my grandfather is "spot the goldbug". There's a little gold beetle hiding in most pictures throughout the book, kind of like an earlier and cooler Where's Waldo.