Saturday, December 05, 2009

The Car (Bristol 405) In the Movie An Education

I got dragged into seeing An Education, which turned out to be a decent movie. There is buzz that it may win an Oscar. The movie takes place in early 60s London and the centerpiece is a maroon Bristol 405. I am convinced that Bristol has NEVER made a decent looking car. Here is a funny clip of footage in the only Bristol showroom in the world. And yes, that's Rosamund Pike from the Bond film Die Another Day.


Art Tidesco said...

IMHO every Bristol is a winner, if you see one you know you have seen a Bristol, that makes for a highly desirable product :-)

Anonymous said...

That Bristol 405 is absolutely beautiful in that movie. Probably the most beautiful car I have seen in recent years. And the fact that can seat four people is even better. I would give anything to own a Bristol 405 from that time period but I would imagine that they are EXTREMELY expensive! Probably priceless now. And Carey Mulligan is one of the most beautiful women on the planet! Her incredible smile and gorgeous good looks.