Thursday, December 03, 2009

Save the NYT F1 Blog!

Apparently, the NYT is going to axe some of its 70(!) blogs. According to an informal Gawker analysis, Brad Spurgeon's F1 blog may be high on the list.

Here is what Gawker had to say:
Formula One
DESCRIPTION: "The competition, gossip, politics and technology of Formula One racing."
Formula One? Posts are more at a go-kart pace: 3 per week.
Nobody likes to talk about F1 on the Internet, apparently.
This guy, Brad Spurgeon, is a Formula One journalist. 'nuff said.
TILT: +10
We just can't bear the thought of what will happen to the readers for whom Formula One is their favorite blog on if it's cut. They'll be so sad!


F1 Outsider said...

The problem with his blog is that updates are sporadic at best. Especially now in the off-season.

He's a good writer, seems to have decent information, and doesn't write much nonsense.

Maxichamp said...

I agree. I don't think he fully grasps the concept of blogs and just posts whenever he feels like it. Or, he has very high standards and doesn't post unless he has something substantive to say.

What sites do you go to for F1 news? I frequent and,18950,10918,00.html

F1 Outsider said... is the best F1 Blog in my opinion. is a close second. is also very good! Can be good. But posts are also sporadic.

Maxichamp said...


F1 Outsider said...

De nada!

I've added your two to my favorites. I'm an avid F1 news junkie. My main limiting factor from finding more great sites is the language barrier. There probably are some great F1 sites in French, German, Japanese that I don't get to indulge in. I do read some Brazilian blogs and refrain from reading the spanish sites like AS because of the Alonso bias, which is almost comedic if not sad.