Thursday, February 16, 2017

Repair estimate for an Audi

H/t Slirt.

Any guesses?

$12,331.59 Canadian, or around $9,400 U.S.

Here is the thread.


Alan said...

I do NOT understand Audis. They look great (mostly), but are engineered and built like garbage. Sure, engines are sophisticated and sound nice, interior quality, shut lines, paint, and all that superficial stuff is superb, but they cost a fortune to fix, drive like wooden blocks with solid rubber springs, understeer like a broken shopping cart, and seem to be marketed exclusively to people more concerned with style than substance. I've read the Germans are the masters of planned obsolescence, in which case you can't blame Audi for building trendy off-the shelf style rather than proper cars.

Ugh. Too early.

m4ff3w said...

I think they have interesting engineering features, that are often the cause of their demise.

I do believe if you placed an Audi engineer at the bottom of a 15ft hole with a shovel and a 20 ft ladder, the engineer would dig himself out of the hole.

halifaxf1fan said...

$3600 for a headlight!