Monday, February 06, 2017

I can't finish 6 books

Ack. The pile keeps getting higher.

The Daily Show: An Oral History: I got this for Christmas. It's an insider's look at the evolution of Stewart's show. I'm about 20% done.

Where the Suckers Moon: Someone on this blog recommended it. It's about the advertising campaign of the Subaru SVX. It's 496 pages long and the print is tiny!

Coup D'Etat: A Practical Handbook: I bought this after the Turkish coup attempt. Remember that? It was originally published in 1968 so it's a bit dated.

Lonely Planet: The World: Easy to read but every country has two to eight pages of coverage. There are a lot of countries. I'm up to the C-countries.

Around the World In 50 Years: I bought this over the weekend, hoping it would inspire me to write more.

The Fruit Palace: This has been sitting on my nightstand the longest. It's a 1980s tale of a guy looking for a story about Pablo Escobar. The first half was entertaining. The second half is a snoozefest.

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