Monday, February 06, 2017

Babymoon a success!

We spent a relaxing weekend in Laguna Beach. I grew up 15 miles from there, and never considered it a vacation destination. But it was wonderful.

I did my best not to take pictures of cars. This was supposed to be a romantic weekend. But that lifeguard truck, by the way, is a Toyota.

We also had perfect meals, which defied the universal axiom that restaurants with great views serve mediocre food.

For breakfast, I recommend the Beachcomber Cafe in Crystal Cove. It's steps from the beach and accessible by a shuttle bus about a half mile away. It is set in an abandoned Bohemian community of shacks.

For lunch, I recommend the Driftwood Kitchen. We had a swordfish sandwich and a salmon sandwich and both were superb.

And for dinner, I recommend Nick's. The wait was very long (75 minutes) but totally worth it. Their signature appetizer is the deviled egg. They lightly fry the egg white with panko batter.

And for dessert, around the corner from Nick's, down a narrow alley, is a gelato joint.

On the way back home, our plane took the unusual northern approach and we got to see the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco.


F1Outsider said...

Seeing the Golden Gate bridge and San Francisco has reminded me that I want to do a weekend getaway in San Fran sometime soon.

@slirt said...

I've had a good post-Cars & Coffee breakfast at Nick's... but really, where did you stay?!