Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Alltrack and Allroad

I am more intent than ever on getting the i3. It's a great value, it's quirky, and it's green. So I wait.

The weird thing is, I can't find anything online about a fuel line recall.

Anyway, Edvin suggested that I look into the Alltrack. They advertised the heck out of it during the Super Bowl. What do you all think?

And here is the Audi Allroad. What's with all the lifted wagons?


Sanchez said...

I bought new VW Golf Mk7 in December.
1.4 TSI 122 HP + MT.

My first car with manual gearbox and I like driving it more than BMW 328i F30 which is with my brother now. Humble yet very refined. Some gears are very short and on highway you feel engine could use couple hundred more cubic centimetres but most of the time it is more than enough. Why Alltrack when you can get Sportwagon. Same car with less fake 4x4 options hence cheaper. Or get new Tiguan?

If only Skoda was available in the US I would absolutely recommend you Skoda Superb Wagon.

Alan said...

If you don't plan on keeping it once the warranty expires, the Audi could be very nice. The VW will look good and be slightly less prone to outrageously expensive fixes because it's less complex, but will still have that wooden, rubbery feel that lots of people who don't pay attention to dynamics think feels "sporty." A GTI 5-door would be awesome, those actually do drive very well.

nat carter said...

If it has to be a lifted wagon, I'd suggest subaru outback. I admit to being a Japanese brand loyalist. I have a heathen fear of the repair expense of German cars, the Germans are masters of planned obsolescence, and I'm not impressed by German cars as a value for money proposition.

A 6 cyl Outback would give you the only and probably last flat 6 in an "affordable" car, probably be reliable and have good resale--if that's what you're looking for.

Ripituc said...

Why not a raised wagon? Practicality and capability without the bulk and ugliness of an SUV.