Thursday, February 09, 2017

Soviet bus stops

H/t @Slirt.

A German photographer documented 500 bus stops all over the former USSR. And they're wonderful.

Nick (Kyrgyzstan/Russia), Tarlan (Azerbaijan), and Sanchez (Kazakhstan): Are there still any near where you live?

Article here.

Book here. I just ordered it!


Ripituc said...

I love them! I like Soviet architecture and design as much as I detest their politics.

Do you know this book:

I have it, and is beautiful.

Edvin said...

I also have the book Ripituc recommended, awesome. It's great! It's the best book there is.

Tarlan said...

I saw few like one with red and white ladas in front for sure, but only in the country, all bus stops within the city limits has been changed many times and most of them is up to modern standards.