Saturday, April 23, 2016

Tesla Model S alternatives

Last Thursday and Friday, while out and about in San Francisco and Walnut Creek, I spotted more than 30 Model Ss on the streets. The area is flooded with them. I know they're supposed to take sales away from large luxury cars like the Mercedes S-Class, but I just can't imagine Model S owners buying S-Classes instead if the Model S never existed. I would have thought they would go for something more modest, like a 5-Series BMW.

So I am going to ask Model S owners what they would have bought instead of a Model S. I am putting my findings on the right-hand column of this blog. So far, one Model S owner said he wasn't going to get another car at all, and another said he would have gotten a Nissan Leaf instead.

My goal is to ask 100 Model S owners on the street/in the parking lot.

What do you think they would have bought?