Sunday, April 17, 2016

Whom to root for in F1

Nico Rosberg is having a great run. He has won the last six races overall and the first three races of the season. I still think Hamilton is going to win the championship. But if Nico clinches it in 2016, I will have to find a new underdog to support.

In looking at the current roster, here are the candidates:
Most wins without a championship
Rosberg (17)
Massa (11)
Ricciardo (3)

Most podiums without a win
Grosjean (10)
Bottas (8)
Perez (5)


m4ff3w said...

Grosjean for me. But I like Nicole, too. He's been really nice the two times we've met him.

augie said...

RoGro and I share the same birthday. But from that line-up I like Bottas best. Straight shooter, good driver, admits when he messes up, generally a class act. Plus, the Martini livery is sweet so you can buy some Williams schwag and look good.

Tarlan said...

Massa for sure, but only if Nico will this year.